Our Vision

As We know, E-Commerce sales are predicted to hit $150 Billion by Coming years. So,Our D1Kart is Coming with Very Stadard and Unique Way to Reach every door Steps to India. We Can Create Multiple ways of Income Resourece for every One. Which leads to Reduce the Unemplyement. We Proudly say, Make In India is Make for India.

Our Wealth Plan

Our D1Kart unique compensation plan allows you to create full or part-time income by leveraging the Million-dollar industry of eCommerce. Tap into this income stream today.


Our Mission

Very Standard Maketing Position, Highly returns for individuals. Best Fingertip Income resources for each and every customer. Having clear company values helps you ensure that all our team members are working towards the same goals. Our core values support the company's is emerging Growth that is Changing the Super Power and Wealthy way to the individual resulting to Share their Chain, Standard Marketing to the Economy.

Our Market Place

It’s time for you to Refer and Earn in this Million dollar industry and create a long lasting, passive income for you and your family. Earn Now.

Ecommerce Industry

Customers have been moving to Ecommerce Industry Rapidly. Most of people are shopping online for their entertinement and Choice of their intreast with singl click. Our Business is Filled with Best Quality and More Wealthy Way for each and every Individual Customers. D1 Kart is a next generation direct sales model seamlessly integrated with an innovative eCommerce platform. When people shop in our marketplace, the profits are shared with our members. That’s why we call it The Dream 1 Kart.


What Clients Says
About Us

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( 7 Reviews )

“Praesent scelerisque, odio eu fermentum malesuada, nisi arcu volutpat nisl, sit amet convallis nunc turp.”

( 7 Reviews )

“Praesent scelerisque, odio eu fermentum malesuada, nisi arcu volutpat nisl, sit amet convallis nunc turp.”

( 7 Reviews )


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